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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


In my recent blog, Hello Sailor, I told of how although Gibraltar has been and is a major naval port there is no prostitution on the Rock. I said that was certainly the case ten years ago when I first wrote on the subject and I suspected nothing had changed in the interim.

Now I have heard from Ian McGrail, the Royal Gibraltar Police Media Officer. He told me: “Prostitution has not come to the Gibraltar Police's attention for a very long time, certainly not for the past 25 years which is the time I have served in the Force. There have not been any complaints in this respect from members of the community and neither have we received any intelligence to suggest that any prostitution takes place in the jurisdiction.”

So there you have it.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog and cannot wait to raise in conversation with friends the fact that there are no prostitutes on Gibraltar! Regards, Richard.

Anonymous said...

My compliments for your new blog. I like the name and it gives me a nostalgic Dutch feeling, born in a country of windmills. Although, I like the old Dutch windmills much more than all those new landscape spoiling things we see around us. Perhaps we have to come back in another life to appreciate them. Adrian.