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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have spent recent days reading about the crash of US banks, other financial institutions in danger, the looming recession, job losses, 29,000 people in Málaga province can’t afford basic foodstuffs and a dying woman is stranded in Egypt because of the collapse of British travel company XL.

Then I spot an item on the Voto en Blanco website that says that the Spanish Government gave a grant to film director Pedro Almodovar to attend the Cannes Film Festival. Indeed according to the reports the Ministerio de Cultura gave him 60,000 euros and as that wasn’t enough added some more.

Are we living on the same planet here?

Isn’t Pedro Almodovar an internationally famous film director who could pick up his own tab or pass it on to his film company?

According to the Voto en Blanco this largesse only found its way to Almodovar because he is a friend of the socialist government in Madrid. He has openly supported PSOE during the elections, participated in the “No a la Guerra” campaign and said nasty things about the Partido Popular. Meanwhile other worthy film makers, writers and scientists are ignored.


I marched against the war and HMS Tireless in Algeciras.

I will vote for PSOE for ever more.

I think Partido Popular leader Mariano Rajoy looks like Papa Smurf.

Now can I go to Cannes? (Or just send the 60,000 euros - and keep the change!)

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