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Friday, September 12, 2008


An opinion poll by Transatlantic Trends 2008 shows that 80 per cent of Spaniards have a good image of Barack Obama compared with just 33 per cent who view John McCain in positive terms.

On the wider stage the BBC World Service carried out a survey in 22 countries over July and August. Forty nine per cent of 22,500 people questioned wanted Obama as president compared with just 12 per cent for McCain.

If the 47 year old Democratic candidate wins 46 per cent believe the USA’s international relations will improve but only 20 per cent believe the same to be true if the Republican McCain wins on November 4.

Doug Miller, president of GlobeScan, the pollster who carried out the survey stated that it was very clear that the majority of people around the world favoured an Obama victory.

Yesterday I wrote: “If the USA wants to be the leader of the free world then the free world should have a say in who leads us. Give us a US vote I say!” Given the findings of these two polls I suspect the Democrats would support my call whilst the Republicans would set Sarah Palin on me.

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