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Thursday, September 4, 2008


If I had a vote in Spanish general elections I would not have cast it for former president of the government José María Aznar or his Partido Popular.

Not only do I oppose his politics but always found the diminutive Aznar rather dull and boring.

Until now that is when suddenly he is very interesting.

The Moroccan newspaper, L'Observateur, has alleged that Aznar is the father of the unborn child being carried by the French minister of Justice, Rachida Dati. She is of Moroccan and Algerian parentage.

Aznar has reacted with fury to the allegations and has ordered his lawyers to take action strongly denying he is the father. Rachida Dati has always refused to reveal who the father is.

As far as I am aware Aznar has not commented on whether he is a “friend” of the French minister. Nor do I know where this leaves the solid Catholic marriage of José María and his awesome politician wife, Ana Botella.

In Britain such indiscretions amongst politicians are deemed a disaster. However I remember the tale of a leading French politician of very mature years having been discovered to have fathered an illegitimate child. It was election time and it was suggested the fact should be revealed to discredit him. His opponent blocked the move declaring that if the news leaked out “everybody will vote for him”.

C’est la vie – isn’t that so José María ?

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