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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Juan Antonio Roca is the former director of town planning at Marbella town hall who is the alleged master behind the multi-million euro ‘Malaya’ corruption scam in the municipality. He was arrested back in March 2006 and the list of charges against him is impressive to say the least – cheating the tax authority, bribery, trading in influence, misappropriation of public funds and so on.

Whilst that case is still to be heard it is understood but not yet confirmed that he has received a year sentence from the Andalucía High Court.

This relates to the former Marbella judge, Javier de Urquía, who it was alleged was paid 73,800 euros by Roca for silencing a local TV station that was about to present a negative programme on the town planning supremo before he was uncovered in the ‘Malaya’ case.

As a result of the conviction, apart from Roca’s year sentence, de Urquía now faces two years in jail and seven years barred from office for accepting the bribe plus a further ten years barred from being a judge for perverting the cause of justice. Both have also been fined 73,800 euros.

The curious thing is that Roca is fiercely fighting the charges laid against him in the ´Malaya’ case. However no sooner had this trial started than he admitted “yes” he had paid de Urquía 73,800 euros to help him buy an apartment.

Has Roca turned honest? Honestly! Has he taken revenge against the judiciary? Most probably!

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