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Saturday, August 2, 2008


At 7.26 on Saturday De Juan Chaos was released from jail in Aranjuez in Madrid.

He is a mass murderer convicted of killing 25 people and was sentenced to 3,000 years in jail. He has spent 21 years behind bars.

Whilst in jail in Algeciras several years ago he went on hunger strike and was treated at the nearby Punta Europa hospital in a private room. I have known several people who have been seriously ill in that hospital and sadly never received the level of care that he did.

His release in a controversial subject and is bound to result in street protests. The government has stated that should he intimidate anybody or commit other murders then he will go straight back inside.

By the way De Juan Chaos is also a member of ETA.

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Anonymous said...

No comprendo a esta gente cuando vamos hacia la globalizaciĆ³n y comprensiĆ³n universal pero nos encontramos con estos hombres de la edad de piedra. MC